Is you bladder on your mind all the time?

Consider Interstim Therapy for relief!


Bladder and Bowel Control by Dr James Purdy

  Interstim Neuromodualtion therapy

effectively reduces the syptoms of overactive bladder (OAB) and helps control bowel leakage (fecal incontinence).

Interstim was approved by FDA in 1997. Doctor Purdy has been trained and performs this minimally invasive procedure since 2012. His success rates average 85% improved lifestyle.


Indications for therapy:

  • Overactive Bladder (OAB)
  • Urgency/frequency
  • Getting up at night too often to urinate
  • Incomplete bladder emptying
  • fecal incontinence (poor bowel control with seepage or leakage)
  • may help chronic constipation
  • may help IBS like symptoms
  • will help improve pelvic floor muscle tone

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Interstim Procedures



  Interstim therapy

The is a minimal invasive outpatient procedure that is performed by Doctor James Purdy who has been certified by training in this specialized technique. He has performed many Interstim implants with very successful outcomes. The treated patients have resumed a normal life and their "bladder is now not on their minds".- Interstim therapy is not limited to the female population; the male population can also be treated!

Step 1: After office pretesting,  the patient is admitted for a brief outpatient procedure that involves placing a peripheral nerve evaluator (PNE) just beneath the sacral skin into the sacral foramen under mild sedation and local anesthesia. A Medtronic Interstim peripheral generator is attached after the testing is completed. The actual time involved for the test procedure is about 15 to 30 minutes. The patient is sent home and has daily checks by phone for 3 days. After the conclusion of the test, the data is collected and the test probes are removed in the office without any real discomfort. In Doctor Purdy's practice nearly 90 percent of trial patients go on for Implantation of  Interstim with implantation of the subcutaneous Medtronic generator.

Step 2: The following week, the patient undergoes placement of the Interstim implant and its Medtronic generator on one side - the best side as noted from the previous testing. The anesthesia is local and mild / light sedation. The patient is usually discharged home as soon as the generator is programmed and the patient is alert/awake - one to two hours post implant.There are no exposed wires and the patient begins a new life without urinary urgency, without frequency, relief of nocturia (getting up too often at night). If the indication was bowel conrol, the improvement is gradual.



   Top of sacrum bone view of implant site at S3            Anatomical Diagram of implant - lateral           


               X-Ray A-P view                                          X-Ray Lateral  view

     Implant and Generator          Small size                          Medtronic external controller

                                                                                                patient user friendly


  • no further use of anticholinergic medications with associated dry mouth or constipation and less pharmacy charges on a recurrent basis!
  • generalized pelvic floor muscular support and muscle tone improvement  with a more complete bladder emptying ability (over time)
  • better bowel movements with relief of fecal incontinence and less constipation (over time)
  • higher relief of symptoms  (success rate) over medication therapy
  • generator life is 4-5 years (depending on power setting); replacement is a minor procedure
  • freedom from bladder symptoms
  • covered by most private insurances and covered by Medicare/Medicaide
  • Implant can be removed an anytime
  • low incidence of adverse side effects
  • no to low infection rate
  • immediate return to normal life style
  • airport security screening will not affect the implants

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