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Total Care for Women

James J. Purdy MD FACOG

Meridian, Ms


Services at Total Care for Women

  Total Care for Women is affiiliated with Rush Health Systems in Meridian, Ms..   

  Dr. James J. Purdy, founder of Total Care for Women, has practiced in Meridian. Ms for greater than 3 decades. He was the founder of the modern Rush Ob/Gyn department at Rush Hospital and Rush Medical Group Ob/Gyn department. Dr. Purdy has fostered innovations and advancement in the female medical services including first to introduce minimally invasive laparoscopic vaginal hysterectomy in 1990 to Meridian, Mississippi and first to perform da Vinci S hysterectomy in East Central Mississippi on 12/9/2008. Dr. Purdy is currently a physician and educator/instructor. He travels throughout the United States  to teach the skills and certify doctors in da Vinci robotic gynecologic surgery under contract with  da Vinci  Intuitve Surgical Systems, Inc. He has held in the past several teaching positions in various medical colleges such as the UMMC in Jackson, Mississippi and College of Osteopathic Medicine in Louisvile, West Virginia. He currently is a teaching proctor on site for Western University of Michigan school of Physician Assistant program - voted best procotor of the year 2016.

Total Care for Women provides quality personal medical care in an office setting as well as office based Ob/Gyn procedures that are minimally invasive. Obstetrical outpatient and inpatient services are provided at the modern Rush hospital facility. Gynecological services are also performed at Rush outpatient department and Rush inpatient department. Dr. James Purdy shares call arrangements with Rush affiliated physicians at all times 24/7. The theme is Rush together for complete uninterrupted care of the patient. The obstetrical patient's neonate is cared for by Rush neonatal level two services.

  Total Care for Women utilizes electronic medical record system by Greenway. Dr. Purdy has used electronic medical records since 2002.

  Dr. James Purdy is on staff at Rush Hospital and Jeff Anderson Reginal Medical Center. He is affiliated with University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi and has an appointment on clinical teaching staff. Dr. Purdy refers high risk obstetrical patient care and evalaution to noted perinataolgists in Jackson, Mississippi. A secondary office for Dr. Purdy is located in Philadelphia, Mississippi.

   Dr. James Purdy is board certified in Ob/Gyn. He is an active member of the American College of Ob/Gyn since November 1977 (ACOG).


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