Female Rejuvenation now available at

Wellness Center in Pampered Bodies Day Spa

Wellness Center Specialist: James J. Purdy MD FACOG

Meridian, Ms

Phone:601.482.4463  or www.pamperedbodies.com

Dr. James J. Purdy MD FACOG is now offering initimate female rejuventaion at the Wellness Center at Pampered Bodies Day Spa. In a special gynecologic unit at the Wellness Center, a carbon dioxide laser system is utilized to rejuvenate the vular and vaginal regions of women and reverse the effects of aging. Youth can be recaptured. The process is non invasive. There is no need for anesthesia since there is no to little discomfort. The process is fast- completed in a matter of 3 - 6 minutes. There is no downtime afterwards except avoidance of intercourse for one week. There is no other restriction in life activities after the treatment. The process for rejenvation involves three treatments one month apart.

This process of treatment improves your sexual experience; the treatment restores vaginal health with reduction or elimination of dryness, discomfort and restores vaginal tone as well as satisfaction - rated 92 percent by patients.

A secondary benefit may be reduction in the anoyning symptoms of overactive bladder condition that afflicts many women of all ages.

The procedure is FDA approved.

The non invasive laser therapy has been employed by physicians in Europe for over ten years with success.  It was initially developed in Milan, Italy at a major university medical center.

If you are interested in female intimate wellness and restoration of  your prior female health, then call for more information at Pampered Bodies Day Spa: 601.482.4463. The staff will arrange an informative coversation with Zoie Ables who is Dr. Purdy's facilitator for Core Intima rejuvenation.

You may also call Dr.Purdy's office at Total Care for Women: 601.485.2609  and ask for Zoie Ables.